or Treat!

Halloween is on of BFFs favorite Holidays; you remember our yummy ghost pops! It is also a time of candy binging, trick or treating, or handing out candy, gives you to opportunity to stuff your face. To make it a little easier we are going to share with you a few tricks to keep the binging from throwing off your usual diet and exercise. N scary numbers here…just a few healthier options.


Peanut goodness: Reese’s or Peanut chew….PEANUT CHEW

Tutti Fruity: Starbursts or Skittles…SKITTLES

Crunchy treats: Pretzels or Baked Lays…BAKED LAYS

Ooey Gooey Chocolates: Milky Way or Three Musketeers… THREE MUSKETEERS

The Classics: Sour Patch Kids or Candy Corn….CANDY CORN

Candy Bars: Snickers or Twix…TWIX

Chocolate Bar Showdown: Almond Joy or Hershey plain…HERSHEYS