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Tuesdays = New
Episode on MYSPACE!

The FIRST, OFFICIAL episode of BFF Season 2 is up live on MYSPACE.COM/BFF!
Be sure to check it out and make sure to pass it along to all of your friends.

Speaking of friends, have you ever wondered how some BFFs are inseparable? We asked this question to one of our contestants, Amanda. Her and her BFF Dawn (see below) are on the first episode of BFF Season 2.

Here is what Amanda had to say:

I manage to stay so close to her because we actually cannot stand to be apart from one another. It’s bad-we actually call and text each other while we’re at work, and then we go see each other at work afterwards-we simply love one another so much we never run out of things to talk about.”

Not only is BFF a fun game show but it also creates an experience that many will never forget!

Click here to watch Amanda & Dawn’s episode on BFF with host Jake Hurwitz: Episode 1

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