Vampire Diaries
Season 4

This is a BFF favorite. Vampire Diaries grew out of the Twiglight saga and the vampire mayhem it created. Vampire Diaries is a better story than Twilight (this from a HUGE Twilight fan) and less gruesome than True Blood. It has the perfect balance of suspense, humor, and romance for an after homework show. Last season we left Elena struggling not only with her love for both vampire brothers Damen and Stephan Salvatore, but also with a life changing decision. Continue to transition and become a vampire, or die. What will Elena choose? Will the original vampires return? What is Tyler (possessed by Klaus)’s fate? These are all questions I personally cannot wait to see answered! Vampire Diaries returns to the CW on October 11 and stars Paul Wesley, and re life couple Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder.

Check out this clip:


Can’t wait!