It is a twist on a classic that doesn’t really need any improving. These variations on ice cream sandwiches will have you doubting your usual. Try these waffle ice cream sandwiches.


What you need:


1-    Frozen Waffle

1-    Scoop Vanilla ice cream (or your favorite!)

½-  Tablespoon Butter

1-    Table spoon maple syrup


What to do:


Toast the frozen waffle and immediately butter it and cut the waffle in half

Place the scoop of ice cream on one half, flatten a little so it covers most of the waffle

Drizzle some maple syrup (optional step!)

Complete the sandwich with the other half of the waffle, gently press down.


You can make any combination of flavors and toppings for the sandwich. What about Chocolate ice cream with drizzles of peanut butter sauce?? Yum yum!