Going with our Holiday theme of the Weekend Guide, we stumbled upon this article from the Pace Press titled “In No Particular Order, Ten Things to Do During the Holidays”. We found it to be a cool list and thought it would be a great idea to share, especially to those who’ve just wrapped up finals! Enjoy :

The end of the semester is finally in sight. Winter holidays are approaching. Finals are ending. A month-long break is in your future. Life is good. But wouldn’t your life be a little better if you had some suggestions for how to spend that long vacation?

10. Catch up. Since the semester is over, you might actually have some time to do what you want in the coming weeks. So make use of that time to do everything you really wanted to do during the semester : Read some books for fun. Go to the movies. You could even get ahead if you buy your books ahead of time and do some reading for next semester’s courses (just kidding).

9. Reacquaint yourself with the outside world. Visit your old aunts, tell your friends that you are actually still alive, and find out what happened on your favorite TV show for the last month.

8. See the sights. If you get the chance, don’t miss out on your opportunity to be a tourist and visit all the holiday displays around the city. Check out the Rockefeller Center tree. You might even check out the Origami Tree at the Museum of Natural History.

7. Party. Not that you’d procrastinate or anything, but now that you are done staying up until four in the morning writing papers and studying, why not stay up until four in the morning for a good reason? Come on, you know you want to paint the town red, grab a paintbrush!

6. Pad the resume. Do something you can put on your resume to impress prospective employers or grad school admissions committees. Consider getting a short internship at a friend or family member’s place of business. Apply for some scholarships. Do some community service. Submit your novel for publication (sorry, English major). You get the idea.

5. Shop. Spend all the money (or all those gift certificates) that you got from whatever winter holiday you celebrate and spend it on cool stuff while you can. Do not wait until the end of break to spend this money. You will feel guilty and buy your books instead of that CD, bag, mp3 player, fill-in-the-blank, that you have been wanting all semester. This is not an appropriate way to spend your holiday cash.

4. Visit family and friends. Spend some time with your family while you can, because if you dorm other opportunities are minimal. While you’re at it, why not look up those high school friends you haven’t seen since . . . well dates aren’t important, just make up for lost time.

3. Travel. Have you been dying to spend New Year’s in Vegas? Did you leave your heart in San Francisco the last time you visited? Whatever the reason, if you like to travel, you probably have one or two exciting destinations on your holiday itinerary.

2. Get a job. Perhaps you are tired of being a broke college student. If so, you may want to get a job during your down time off in order to improve your financial situation.

1. Sleep. If you have fantastic time management skills, this might surprise you, but catching up on sleep is in fact the number one thing students want to do during their time off. So, much like a hibernating bear, you might want to try to stock up on sleep now before another cycle of papers and exams begins next semester.

To read this article in detail, go ahead and visit : The Pace Press


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