It’s your BFF’s birthday, or your BFF is moving, or you just want to create a gift for your BFF from the heart. Well, we’ve got a solution for you. Why not use the weekend to create a scrapbook for your BFF? You can do it as a solo project or double the fun by asking your BFF to join in and create some pages. Here are some guidelines on how we think the Ultimate BFF Scrapbook should be done:

1. The cover should contain a pic of the BOTH of you – this is not the time to be vain, Vainy McVainerson.

2. Decorate however you please. The best solution is to use some of you and your BFF’s favorite colors in the form of glitter pens, construction paper, markers, and for those challenged in the drawing field: stickers or cut-outs from magazines!

3. Dedicate a page or two to detail the activities you like to do together. We know you have a ton from your Facebook photo shoots, so why not add those? Also include pictures from other events such as birthday parties, chillin’ by the pool, having fun at a theme park, etc.

4. QUOTES! – Quotes can be aligned within the pages or you can even have a page dedicated to quotes, such as inside jokes that only you two share, or BFF quotes. There’s a TON of sites dedicated to BFF quotes, so do a simple google search and you’ll have millions at your finger tips. You can even add a lyric to your favorite song.
Our favorite quote happens to be: “A friend is one who knows us, but loves us anyway.” – Fr. Jerome Cummings

5. Stick on items that remind you of your BFF or the good times you shared, such as movie stubs, notes passed during class (obviously the ones the teacher didn’t keep), funny drawings, etc.

6. Don’t forget your crushes page. (We KNOW you have at least one pic of your crush whether he knows of it or not) It’s always funny to look at the famous and non-famous crushes you and your BFF had. You never know, 2 years from now, that hot guy in Math may not be so hot anymore.

And there you have it. Be sure to check out a brand new episode of BFF airing tomorrow @ : http://MySpace.com/BFF.


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