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Seeing as New Moon is coming out, my friends and I got on the topic about all the books we read and even all the book hype we joined in on, including Twilight. It got me thinking … why not start a book club? Don’t yawn! With a book club, you can choose any type of books that you and your friends love to read, whether it be mystery, drama, etc. Following an article from Teenreads.com, here are some nifty tips on how to get your book club started:

  • contact all of your pals – the easiest way to get a book club started is by contacting all of your friends or fam (such as cousins) who enjoy reading. You can also post up handmade posters on your school’s or library’s local bulletin board.
  • make sure the people who contact are really dedicated to reading and that your group consists of 8 – 12 members. You don’t want a group too big because discussion will be hard but you also want a good amount so if some members don’t show up, you’ll still have a good sized group.
  • Remember: You’re hear to share your thoughts and opinions on the book. NOT TO GOSSIP! (you can save that for after the meeting)
  • Once you’ve got your club going, you might want to set some ground rules to keep things running smoothly. It might be a good idea to appoint a secretary who keeps track of your book lists (both what you’ve read and what you plan to read) and sends out reminders about your meetings.
It might sound like hard work, but your book club will be a lot of fun once set and it’s something you can take part in all year around, rain or shine.


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