Stumped on what you and your BFF could be doing this weekend? Well don’t worry, that’s what we’re here for! Every week we’ll be giving you and your BFF ideas on some fun things to do this weekend.

Weekend Guide

Today’s idea is : Girls’ Night Holiday Party

What a perfect reason to tie the Holiday’s with your BFFS! Leave the holiday stress behind and gather up your girls as you wine & dine and enjoy some last minute gift wrapping together! Here’s a mock up itinerary for the night. Feel free to change it the way that best fits for you and your friends :

1. Start the night off by having dinner. You can provide a home cooked meal, in which your friends can help and bring dishes as well OR you can dine at one of your favorite restaurants. Usually a lively place like Applebees, TGIFridays, a steakhouse, etc. are prime choices.

2. Bring the girls back to the house and you guys can whip up your very own holiday cocktails. The best thing to do is to Google cocktail recipes. Some search terms include “Party cocktails”, “Holiday cocktails”, etc.

3. Another cute idea would be for you and your gal pals to collaborate on some Holiday traditions, such as creating a Gingerbread house or even baking some fun holiday cookies!

4. Watch Holiday movies. Heat some popcorn and pop in a DVD. You can either rent a movie, or tell your BFFS to each bring one of their face Holiday movies and you all can decide then!

Dinner + Fun Cocktails + Holiday Treats + Movies = FUN FUN FUN!

Can it get any better? 😉

Have some ideas of your own? Feel free to drop us a line below!

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