Sometimes the weather can put a damper on plans and all of us here at BFF knows what it feels like to be stuck home with nothing to do. That is why we decided to compile a list of things that you and your BFF (or just you) can do and NOT do while you’re stuck at home.

Things To Do:

1. Take pictures – How else do you think those lovely MySpace/Facebook profile pictures get created?

2. Movie Marathon – Movies are the perfect excuse to snuggle up on the couch all day. Hey, at least you’re doing something.

3. Recycle Old Magazines – Use this time to cut out all of the “useful” information from the magazines you’ve collected and then recycle what’s left after.

4. Go Shopping – Rainy days = Less crowded mall. A lot of people tend to stay home when it rains therefore, no more elbow nudges, or the girl in front of you getting the last size you wanted.

Things NOT to do on a rainy day:

1. Call your ex – he’s your EX for a reason. Don’t make boredom an excuse to rehash old flames.

2. Sleep from 10 AM to 10 PM – what a waste of a day! You’re merely waking up to either go back to sleep or to watch infomercials late night.

3. Organize anything that belongs to your brother or your dad – because it’ll only get unorganized in a matter of minutes. So don’t even bother.

4. Eat your way through an entire bag of Cheetos Puffs – you’ll regret it when its time to buy those new pair of skinny jeans.

5. Attempt to give yourself bangs – because bangs are supposed to be even in length, not triangular, love.

And lastly,

6. DO NOT CALL YOUR EX! – call your BFF instead ;).

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