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Weekend Recap
– Part 1

Missed out on some BFF posts this week? It’s okay (we forgive you). We’ve taken some time out and created for you lovely people a 2 part weekend recap! Fasten your seat belts because here we go :

Weekend Recap – Part 1
On Monday, we were in the New York spirit and decided to make our Music Monday choice Jay-Z & Alicia Key’s “Empire State of Mind.” If you haven’t heard it, you have been living in a cave!! you better do so now as the song is HOT HOT HOT! So HOT that the Yankees – World Champs Baby! – decided to make that their anthem during the world series!

Weekend Recap – Part 1Tuesday was your day to get your life questions answered by our friend from Teen Diaries, Nicole. You all wanted to know how to deal with a bully without getting into an argument or fight, or how to avoid a fight all together and she gave you some pretty good advice — lay low! Unless they steal your BFF’s milk money, then it’s time to … *cracks knuckles* — HAHA we’re just joking! Bullies usually pick on people for attention, so the least attention you give them, the better!

Part 2 of our recap will be on tomorrow! So stay tuned!


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