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Weekend Recap
– Part 2

Been super busy this week planning all your New Year’s Eve activities that you’ve missed some posts? Well don’t worry because right now we’re about to jump into the recap of this week’s posts. Get ready, because we’re starting now!

Weekend Recap – Part 2

“Whip It!” costars and total BFFs, Drew Barrymore and Ellen Page were our favorite pair of Celebrity BFFs this week. They met on set and have been inseperable ever since! they even travel together and constantly play games like Cranium. Thursday’s Weekend Guide suggested celebrating New Years Eve. Just hangin’ with some friends, going to a party, or even having a party of your own are the best in bringing in the new year. Friday was New Years Day and we welcomed 2010 with open arms.

And there you have it! Tune in tomorrow for a brand new week of posts!


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