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What Couple had an
Epic Wedding Trailer Vid?

Dallas Cowboys Tony Romo and Candice Crawford tied the knot on May 28th in Dallas in front of 600 guests in what appears to be a VERY lavish wedding ceremony, complete with confetti, a cigar bar and one sour looking bridesmaid.

How do we know?

Because last night we watched the approx 3 1/2 min long video for their wedding, titled “Candice & Tony’s Wedding Trailer” which has since been taken down.

But, we’ll share some of the highlights:

*The video is set to Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ – a totally odd choice if you ask us.

*As part of wedding prep, Romo is seen trimming his stubble while Crawford has her makeup airbrushed on. We’re not sure why Romo didn’t just go for a clean shave on the big day.

*The bride wore crystal encrusted platform high heels. No comment.

*All the bridesmaids look really excited as they admire Crawford, except for one. Check her out on the left. Her expressions were priceless.

* Romo tells his blissful bride during their vows that “standing with you right here at this moment, I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life.”

*After the couples said they ‘I Do’s”, white confetti was released over the crowd

*There was a cigar rolling station and a dessert bar which included tiny chocolate footballs.

*Lots of dancing and happy looking guests.

*After the reception, the couple were driven off in a vintage white Cadillac as they sat on top of the back seats.

* The video ends with the words ‘Tony and Candice: Coming Soon.’

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