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What to do
on Valentine's Day!

Valentine’s Day is getting closer and everywhere you look you are surrounded by hearts, cupid, the colors red and pink, and an entire assortment of mushy stuff. If you are currently not in a relationship – this might seem as a nightmare. But it doesn’t have to be. We here at bff stumbled upon a list on what you (and your BFFs) can do on Valentine’s Day without having to be in a relationship. Enjoy!

1) Pamper Yourself: have a fun trip at the day spa, be indulgent, or splurge at the mall

2) Celebrate with friends! For girls: plan a girl’s night out on the town, or for guys: plan a poker night, or organize a sports game.

3) Be Proactive! Donate your time to a worthy cause. Just because you’re not spending Valentines Day with a valentine, does not mean you can’t spend it with those less fortunate than you.

4) Prioritize! Make a list of things that need to be prioritized in your life. Once you have made a list of things you would like to make more time for, write out a plan to help you reach those goals.

5) Reorganize! Make Valentines Day your new spring-cleaning day! Tackle your closet with a new plan, put all the clothes you don’t wear anymore into a donation pile, and rearrange the clothes you do wear

6) Take a short trip. Pack a bag and hit the road. Planning a short trip will take your mind off the whole Valentines Day tradition and it will be a fun getaway.

7) Think positively. Not having someone to share Valentines Day with isn’t the end of the world. Just think, not having a valentine is much easier than actually having to plan out what to get a significant other.

8 ) Spend time with your family. Make it a night to remember by watching all classic romance movies together.

9) Get physical. Go for a run. Go to the gym. Play a round of golf. Go for a hike. Do something active-anything active-to keep you busy and get your endorphins pumping.

10) Be creative. Be artistic. Channel your emotions into creating a painting, a poem, or a song

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