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What’s Happened to
Kim K’s Lips?

Earlier today, Kim Kardashian tweeted the following picture of herself with the caption
“I found these @ViolentLips tattoos in Kylie’s room & had to try them out!”

WHA? Kim tattooed her lips? This pic called for an immediate investigation.

What we found was the Violent Lips Collection. They’re temporary appliqués that you apply to your lips, and apparently they can last up to 8 hours. According to the website, they are natural and vitamin enhanced and come in a range of patterns from animal prints to polka dots. A set of three costs $14.95

Kim K isn’t the family member sporting this look. Check out some of the other star sibs:

Khloe Karashian in Silver Glitteratti by Violent Lips

Kendall Jenner in Purple Cheetah by Violent Lips

Kylie Jenner in Union Jack by Violent Lips

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