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Where’s Ashton?
Partying in Brazil!

While Demi Moore was being treated at the hospital on monday night, ex Ashton Kutcher was living it up like he didn’t have a care in the world.

The Two and a Half Men star is spending time in Brazil, where he is doing a catalog shoot for the Brazilian clothing brand Colcci.

While in town, he made sure to check out sexy supermodel, Alessandro Ambrosio, hit the catwalk at show during Sao Paulo Fashion Week, and attend a Bruno Mars concert with friends.

Meanwhile on Monday night, as Moore was being rushed to the hospital, the 33 year old actor tweeted a pic himself “surfing the streets of Sao Paulo” in the rain. Earlier the same day, he also shared a pic of himself drinking out of a coconut, with the caption “roughing it”.

Now that’s what we call REALLY BAD timing!

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