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Will Elton John
watch Madonna’s Halftime Show?

Remember when Elton John’s husband David Furnish wrote all those nasty tweets about Madonna following her big Golden Globe win?

Well looks like time hasn’t healed any of his wounds because John’s other half still seems totally P.O.’d at the pop icon, and is claiming he has no intention of watching her Super Bowl halftime show this weekend.

TMZ caught up with the Furnish in Los Angeles, and he said there was NO WAY he’ll be watching the Material Girl perform – adding that it’s only because he doesn’t watch football.

Not only DON’T we believe Furnish won’t be watching the Super Bowl, since we KNOW Elton John has a brand new Pepsi commercial airing during the big event, but we also think he’ll be front and center to see if Madge really delivers the “greatest show on earth” as promised. PS. – she totally will!

Do you think Elton and David will be tuning in on game day?

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