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Workout Wednesday: 30
Minute Cardio Blast

So, it is way too hot to run outside, but the thought of going to the gym for an hour on a day as beautiful as today is also a pretty terrible thought.  We have the perfect solution for you! We found this awesome 30-minute cardio routine in Shape Magazine. It gets you in and out of the gym in no time at all and is a great workout. Get it out the way and spend the rest of the day outside! Here It is:

  1. Start on the tredmill (10 minutes) doing intervals, jog one minute, sprint one minutes.
  2. Next the elliptical (10 minutes) alternating between resistances. For an added arm workout make sure you push and pull the handles
  3. Finally the rower (10 minutes) This is a hidden gem in the gym. Hop on and row it out—it’s only 10 minutes!

By switching up machines you change your workout so you don’t get bored and lots of muscles get engaged. Try it today!

Thank you Shape! Check out www.shape.com for more workouts.

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