Workout Wednesday:
Killer Abs!

Now that you’ve done your cardio for the day, it is time to focus on that ever-pesky core. Crunches are the ultimate bait and switch workout move. They promise you a good outcome, but with little or no real results. We have uncovered, thanks again to our friends at Shape, three awesome abs busting moves.

  1. Walkout from push-up position
    1. Start in push up position with hands wider then shoulders
    2. Walk hands out as far as possible, then walk back, repeat 10-12 X
  2. Side Planks
    1. Lie on your side elbow directly under the shoulder and legs stacked
    2. Lift up on your elbow and feet, so that your body makes a diagonal. Hold for 30 seconds and repeat on right side.
  3. Mountain Climber
    1. Start in a push up position
    2. Alternate bringing knees into your chest, go for 30 second, and repeat.

Whew! Pair that with the 30-Minute Cardio Blast and you’ll be sore (but not sorry) tomorrow!

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